Poor Credit Car Loan Experts

Our solid history in poor credit car loans stems from knowing how to match what the banks want with what you want. After 20 years in business, we can say:

Going to a car dealer on an appointment basis changes everying. You're not just some "up" who shows up on the lot. Working through Poor Credit Car Loans, you show up for a VIP appointment, financing lined up in advance. You bring some documentation, the dealer shows you some matching cars, and you go from there. No hassles. No tricks.

Our online car loan application service costs you nothing and puts you under no obligation. We cover new and used cars, good credit and bad.

Best rate your credit score will allow. Our dealers are electronically linked to hundreds of lenders. This helps when shopping rates, and if you have poor credit, it can help your odds of getting approved.

As part of a nationwide network of car loan and auto sales Web sites linked to hundreds of auto dealers and lenders, we have to say one thing above all else as we enter summer 2009. There's a great automotive close-out sale going on, and prices -- $1,700 less per vehicle than this time last year -- are not going to stay this low forever.

If you can find an Auto Loan, it's a great time to be buying a car. And wouldn't you know it -- goverment bailouts have led to low rates and an easing in the credit crunch. But just like the car prices, these conditions are not going to last forever, either.

We believe our one-stop shopping approach to dealership appointments is a great way to buy a car, and that it's a great time to be buying a car, so please be our guest.

No obligation. Fast, free and secure.

Near luxury cars are more affordable than ever thanks to the credit crunch and auto sales slump